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Top Tips to Easily Write Meaningful Cards

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Are you someone who struggles with writing cards and just doesn’t know what to say? Or do you find yourself writing the same generic thing in every card? If you’ve answered “yes” to either of these questions then you're in the right place. We put together our top tips for writing cards to help you easily write meaningful messages that stand out.

  1. Be simple but sincere. Don’t feel obligated to fill the entire white space. It’s the thought that counts!

  2. Be creative. Add flare to your message by writing it in poem form, embellishing it with a quick drawing, including a pocket hug or adding meaningful song lyrics. This is a great way to add humour or add to the sentiment you wish to convey.

  3. Show gratitude. What do you appreciate most about that person? When was a time they helped you out, did something nice for you, or were a shoulder to cry on? Thank them for the qualities they display that add value to your life.

  4. Be humorous. Science shows how beneficial laughter is to the mind and body. By sharing a funny story or memory about them, referencing an inside joke, or being humorous in another way you’re giving them an additional gift, physiologically speaking.

  5. Be a noticer. Write down what makes them unique in their personality, sense of humour, perspective on life, etc. What do you see in them that others take for granted or maybe don’t notice?

  6. Share wisdom. Give a piece of advice that has helped you in life. Whether you’re offering condolences or celebrating an event, you’re most likely writing a card because they’re starting a new chapter in life. Letting them know they’re not alone on the journey can go a long way, plus, who doesn’t like a little life hack to help them along?

  7. End well. Using the right phrase to sign off is like using an emoji at the end of a text to help indicate the tone of the message and accounts for the circumstance and relationship. For instance, signing “toodles” may be humorous in a greeting card to a close friend, but wouldn’t be well received when giving condolences to your boss.

We hope these tips give you some ideas of what to include in your next card. Let us know which tip is the most helpful to you!

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